Make sure they’re taken care of

By making a will, you can make your wishes clear about what should happen to your property, money and possessions after you die. Whatever happens in the future, by putting robust estate planning in place, you can provide for your loved ones in the way that you choose.

It's one of those jobs that is easy to put off. Let us make it easier for you and get it sorted. 


We have partnered with Co-op Legal Services

We have partnered with Co-op Legal Services to provide will writing and estate planning services to our members. This includes standard wills, mirror wills, trust wills and lasting powers of attorney. Their prices are fixed, so you know what you'll be paying.

The estate planning specialists at Co-op Legal Services can assess your circumstances, recommend the right estate planning solutions for your individual needs and help you to get this protection in place. When you make a will with them, they also offer free secure storage of your will for the rest of your life.

As part of the Co-op Group, the values of honesty, openness, transparency and caring for others are core to the service they provide. 

Co-op Legal Services is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. They provide specialist legal services, tailored to your individual circumstances, that are accessible with competitive fixed fee pricing.

Co-op Legal Services is part of Co-operative Group Limited and is separate to Central Co-op.

Why make a will or a lasting power of attorney?

By making a will, you can state what should happen to your money, investments, property and possessions after you die. If there isn't a will, then inheritance laws will determine what happens instead. Your family will have no control over this, regardless of whether they think it’s what you would have wanted.

There are different types of wills that work in different ways. Use Co-op Legal Services’ interactive tool to check which will is right for you.

Lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) appoint someone to make decisions about your health and care, or your property and finances during your lifetime in case you lose your mental capacity


For full peace of mind, you can also make sure your funeral is exactly how you want it to be and pay for it in advance with our funeral plans. You can find out more here

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