How to become a Board Director

Each year, Members of Central England Co-operative have the opportunity to vote in the elections to the Society’s Board of Directors and, just as importantly, stand for election to the available positions.

The Society’s Board of Directors consists of twelve Directors (nine Member Directors and three Employee Member Directors) who are elected by the Society’s Members.  In addition, the Board may appoint up to two Independent Non-Executive Directors, as outlined below:

The attached Information Booklet from the 2022 Election, provides full details of the eligibility requirements, and outlines the legal duties, role/personal specification, Code of Conduct, and other information pertaining to the role of a Board Director.

Information for Board Director

Candidates 2022

Board Rationale

Director role specification



Members interesting in pursuing a career as a future Board Director should read the attached information in full and if you meeting the eligibility requirements and have any further queries, please email the Society Secretary at