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What Does a Memorialised Account on Facebook Mean?

Category: Legacy

A memorialised Facebook account is one which exists after the passing of a loved family member or friend, the account cannot be accessed with a password or email, however, messages, photos and videos can still be shared on the profile page for those wanting to remember their loved one.

If you have lost somebody close to you and you’re dealing with the flood of emotions that comes with loss, it can be difficult to know how to make all of the arrangements to say goodbye properly while allowing everybody close to your loved one, to do the same.

Unfortunately, everybody might not be able to make the funeral on account of living in a different part of the world or other circumstances which prevent them from attending, however, a memorialised Facebook account can act as the perfect platform for friends and family to communicate messages of love and celebrate the life of your loved one.

A memorialised Facebook account is simply a Facebook profile which can no longer be accessed via logging in but friends and family can still post messages, photos and videos to the page.

If you would like to memorialise a Facebook account, simply click here.

You don’t need to know the person’s email or password, you simply need to provide a few basic details and Facebook will do the rest.

If your loved one had a large network online, it is likely that they had a large number of personal friends who you may not know at all, therefore, memorialising their account and posting a message on their profile will allow you to communicate their passing to people you may not otherwise notify.

Though it may be hard to pass on the news to people you do not know, it is likely that you will be overcome by the messages of love and support from people whose lives were touched by your loved one.

They may share a story which demonstrated a time of joy and laughter or share another about a time when they were supported through their own struggles, revealing even more reasons to celebrate the life of the departed.

In philosophy, there is a concept called The Extended Mind and it is a simple yet comforting thought when considering a memorialised Facebook account.

In 1998, the leading scholars, Andy Clark and David Chalmers, proposed that the human mind and its cognitive function existed well outside the constraints of the human body.

They argued that a person’s existence was not restricted to their simple physical status.

It existed in all of the written notes that they made about a story.

It existed in the paintings that they painted.

It existed in the work they had dedicated themselves to.

And it existed within the digital world, where they had shared their life and communicated with friends and family for years.

Hopefully, memorialising a Facebook account will provide some comfort in a difficult time and even bring some unexpected messages and stories to share for years to come.