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After The Funeral

Arranging a funeral keeps you busy. There are many things to think about, decisions to be made, things to do while patiently waiting for the day to arrive. 

The day after the funeral can feel very different. There’s a new chapter that’s begun and life that’s to be lived without the person you’ve just said goodbye to. It can be hard to adjust to this new way of living and it’s understandable if you feel uncertain or worried about the future. 

We’re here to help you with everything you’d expect us to, like arranging the funeral, but we believe in doing much more than that. Your grief journey can take a long time, and your feelings and thoughts might benefit from chatting with others who’ve gone through something similar.  

If you prefer to chat online, our partner GriefChat offers specialist bereavement counsellors who can help you make sense of things from the comfort of your home. If you miss the company of other people, our funeral directors welcome local people to join together for a cuppa, a chat and to spend time with folk who understand what we’re all going through. 

To talk to a GriefChat counsellor, free of charge, you’ll find that online service here

To find your nearest Central Co-op funeral home and details of when your local grief support group meets in your area, you’ll find our funeral locations page here. Just give the team a call and they’ll share the info with you and offer you a warm welcome. 

If there’s any other advice or support that you’re keen to learn more about, you’ll find our help and advice pages a useful guide