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How we help to personalise a funeral

We can create any type of funeral you want. It’s important that the day is special for you and the person who’s died.

For those who want a traditional funeral, we’ve been helping families to do that for 100 years and we understand when beliefs and customs matter. Many families also ask us to create a modern, personalised funeral that shares the life story, hobbies, and interests of their loved one.

Whether you want a more formal send-off or a celebration of life, we’ll help to make it happen, just the way you want it.

Their favourite colours

Whether a person loved a deep shade of blue, or was always seen in green, our funeral teams can add a favourite colour into their uniform ties, handkerchiefs, and hats.


Their favourite things

If the person who’s died was a loyal football or sports fan, or they binge-watched Star Wars, Star Trek or Harry Potter films, we can pay tribute to these hobbies by dressing our teams in clothing to match the theme. The choices are endless, and we’re good at rising to the challenge.


Their final journey

Arriving at the service location can happen in many ways. We’ve elegant, horse-drawn carriages, a Harley Davidson motorcycle hearse, electric-powered hearses that are kinder to the environment as well as traditional vehicles. We’ve also helped farmers take their final journey on a much-loved tractor, as well as biker groups and vintage car owners following closely behind for one last journey with their friend. We can also create a route to the service that includes local places that mean a lot to you and to them.


Their favourite flowers

If you like a traditional spray filled with favourite stems and colours, or a simpler arrangement that’s carefully chosen on the day by our florists from the freshest flowers of the season, we can create funeral flowers to suit your wishes and budget. We specialise in unique flower designs, such as a LEGO character, a bingo card, an animal, the colours of a football club or a one-off unique creation. The sky’s the limit, and flowers can help to tell their story, convey a mood, or add some fun to a service.

Their coffin

Our factory in Nottinghamshire has decades of craftsmanship in hand-finished coffins, in a wide range of woods and styles; modern, traditional, sustainable and personalised. If you want a bespoke colourful coffin with the image of their favourite team or band, or you want to leave jewellery, letters, and photos with your loved one to be buried or cremated with them, we can make it happen.


Their life, their loves, their story

The funeral is all about them, and we’ll help you to tell their story within every moment of the service. The celebrant, minister, or officiant that you or we choose will spend time getting to know the life, the loves and the story of the person who’s died, so that the things you see, the words that you hear, the clothes that we wear and the songs that are played all pay tribute to them in a way that’s right for you.